Solar Home Systems

The unequal and expensive distribution of electricity to communities, and the nonexistent delivery to the rural areas have led to MaxLite developing their own range of locally manufactured & locally installed Solar Home Systems.
The development of the MaxMeter has been a journey with the focus on sustainability and a reliable source of basic electricity for those homes that have the units installed.
MaxLite's Solar Home Systems have been designed as both a Fee for Service (MaxMeter) and stand alone (MaxReg) systems.

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Solar Water Heaters 

WaterLite Solar Water Heaters are specifically designed & manufactured locally by us for our AFRICAN conditions.
The WaterLite high pressure range of Solar Water Heaters are SABS Approved.
WaterLite high pressure systems (400 kPa) are unique to South Africa and underwritten by MaxLite, a 25 year old South African company.
ZA Patent No: 2010/07967

Basic and uncomplicated thermosiphon system. As hot water rises, nature’s heat automatically circulates the water. All WaterLite systems are installed according to SABS & SANS guidlines.

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